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    Discovery Aviation believes that its key strength lies in its assembly of highly-experienced and successful leadership team bringing together knowledge and insight from many diverse industries.
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    Based in Florida's Space Coast, Discovery Aviation, Inc. designs and manufactures general aviation aircraft and is the FAA Type 23 Certificate holder for the IFR Certified XL-2.
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    The Clean Room contains a Positive Pressure Room that is maintained between 65 and 75 degrees F with less than 60% relative humidity at all times.
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    The company has the capability for a Full Range of Tests, including Chemical, Mechanical, Full-Scale and Sub-Component.

The company has extensive experience with many composite materials.

Discovery is familiar with Mil Handbook 17 qualified composite materials and has experience with the following materials:

Site Qualified Fiber Materials

  • Toray T700S-12K-50C/#2510
  • Toray T700G-12K-31E/#2510
  • Toray 7781/#2510
  • Plain Weave Fabric Prepreg Carbon Cloth
  • Unidirectional Tape Prepreg Carbon Cloth
  • 8 Harness Fiberglass Cloth

Core Materials:

  • Airex R82 Series
Characterized Adhesives

  • Huntsman 1590 Paste Adhesive
  • Hysol 9394 Paste Adhesive
  • Hysol 9696 Film Adhesive

Specialty Materials

  • Copper Mesh Lightening Strike Prepreg
  • Quartz Fabric

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Discovery Composites, a division of Discovery Aviation, is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of aviation carbon fiber structures.

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