Discovery Composites

Design and manufacturer of the FAA certified XL2.

FAA Production Certificate and Site Qualification for the manufacture of primary and secondary composite structures.

FAA, DER and DAR services for both design, certification and manufacturing or build to print contracts.

Cost effective solutions, rapid prototyping and quick turn around.

Discovery Composites : Certified Composite Innovation

The innovative leader in the design and manufacture of aerospace composite structures.

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Our services range from design all the way through to production at our state of the art facilities in Melbourne, FL.


We offer prototyping, testing and tooling for any size lot.

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Discovery offers a complete production environment.

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We have the capability of a full range of testing.

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Disovery Aviation, Inc.
100 Aerospace Drive, Unit 4
Melbourne, FL 32901 USA

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Our facility at Melbourne International Airport

About Discovery Composites

Discovery Composites, a division of Discovery Aviation, is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of aviation carbon fiber structures.

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